Immigration to USA


Green card lottery

Instructions about applying for green card lottery ( the source is )

Kinds of USA visas


Green card holders,

Have permanent (life-long) residence and work permit in the USA.

Have most of the American citizenship rights except voting.

Can apply for the USA citizenship, if desired, five years after receiving the card.

Green Card that provides you with the permit to work wherever you like, whether at governmental offices or in private sector, and to reside as long as you want also entitles you the right to set up your own business in any sector. Also, the state universities offer discounted prices for students holding Green Cards, and the holders of Green Card have a higher chance of receiving scholarships or loans from the American Government.

There is no minimum age limit for applying to this lottery, nevertheless it has been stipulated that the applicants be a minimum of high school graduates or have two-years work experience in a work area that requires specialty. It is not required to know English in order to apply to Green Card lottery or to receive the card if the lottery is won.