Regional Migration Opportunities


The information on this page briefly describes the options available to encourage skilled migrants or temporary entrants to live and work in areas outside of Australia’s major cities.

To assist regional Australia to gain increased benefits from skilled and business migration the Australian Government has established a network of Regional Outreach Officers as part of a 2004-05 Budget initiative. For information about the Regional Outreach Officer network
See: Regional Outreach Officers

Please note that Australian state and territory governments are keen to encourage more skilled migrants to settle in many regions of Australia and in some cases may even offer some forms of assistance. Information about their involvement can be found on their websites.
See: Regional Opportunities – State and Territory Governments

Medical practitioners and nurses special arrangements

For information about opportunities for overseas medical practitioners and nurses to work in regional Australia –
Visa Options for Doctors
Visa Options for Nurses

Employer and state/territory government sponsored migration

For Australian businesses needing to recruit skilled workers where an employer has been unable to fill their recruitment needs from the Australian labour market or through their own training efforts.

Also for skilled people who wish to come to Australia under either an employer sponsorship arrangement or with sponsorship by a state or territory government.
Employer and State/Territory Government Sponsored Migration

Temporary employer sponsored entry

For Australian businesses needing to recruit staff from overseas for temporary entry for up to four years.
See: Long Business Visits to Australia

Highly skilled business owners, investors and senior executives options

Information for highly skilled or successful business people wishing to migrate to regional Australia and develop new or existing businesses.
See: Attracting Business Migrants to Regional Australia

Family sponsorship

Information for skilled people wishing to permanently migrate to Australia and who are able to nominate a close relative living in a designated area of Australia to be their sponsor and provide financial support.
See: Family Sponsorship

Previous study with an education provider in regional Australia

Overseas students applying for a general skilled migration visa can be awarded an additional five points for having lived and studied in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area for a period of at least 2 years.

For information about student visas:
See: Regional Australia Programs – Students

For information about the general skilled migration points test:
See: Points Test

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